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Spa Services
#1. The Spa Manicure - $20
   This is your basic polish, cuticle pushing, filling mani, but all fancied up with family made bath salts (sold here at The Five $12)
#2. The Gel - $30
   All the amenities of your spa mani, but with Gel Polish.

#3. The Powder - $40
   You guessed it! Spa mani with powdered dipped nails.

#4. Jelly Mani - $25
   Spa Manicure using super cool and moisturizing “Jelly”.

#5. The “Five” Mani - $50
   Includes Spa Manicure with Jelly, Parafin dip, Gel polish, and Reflexology


#1. The Spa Pedicure - $35
   This is your basic polish, cuticle pushing, filing pedi, with exfoliating scrub and warm towel

#2. The Sock Pedi - $35
   Same as your spa pedi, but adding moisturizing socks

#3. The Jelly Pedi - $40
   This Pedi allows you to soak your feet in a warm “apple sauce” feeling water so your tired toes are soft and smooth

#4. The Parafin - $40
   After you've soaked your toes and made them pretty, add the final dip in our parafin bath to lock in smoothness.

#5. The “Five” Pedi - $55
   Includes maximum pampering with our exclusive Jelly Pedi, hot towel, all your basic pedi needs and finish with a parafin-dip. (Any gel or powder dip polish is extra.)

#1. The Basic - $50
   Includes specific cleansing, light facial massage, targeted mask for your skin, hot towel, and finish with a moisture massage to leave your beautiful face feeling fresh and bright

#2. The Acne - $65
   Targets blemish areas and hard to extract areas with our high frequency facial machine. Finish with gentle cleaning and acne mask

#3. The High Frequency - $75
   Highly technical and will leave your face feeling zapped, scraped, buzzed and brushed with tools for suctioning, zapping and vibrating. This wakes up your beautiful but restless face for a more vivacious appearance

#4. The Moisture Packed - $85
   4-layer facial will certainly retain your fabulous youth, using seaweek, this 4-layer pile on is the best mask out there. Includes all basic facial steps.

#5. The “Five” Facial - $100
   All your favorite facials put into one luxurious 1 ½ hr. facial, including one more mask than the “#4”.


#1. The 1/2 Hour Massage - $45
30-minute massage targeted to specific areas if needed

#2. The Hour - $65
A Full body massage that leaves you feeling rejuvenated or ready for a nap

#3. The Hot Stone - $75
Includes your Hour Massage but with those amazing hot stones that penetrate heat and wellness to sore, tired muscles

#4. The Prenatal Massage - $75
For our Moms-To-Be. Proven to help with better delivery when that bundle arrives

#5. The “Five” Massage - $105
A two hour session. Starting with a 15-minute rest in the infrared sauna before the hot stone massage begins. After your massage, be scrubbed with our exfoliating body scrub.

Spa Packages

#1. The Solo - $205+
   A day of pampering with your favorite mani/pedi, facial, and body treatment. Finish at the salon with a spa shampoo and Bangin' Blowout (allow 4 hours)

#2. The Couple - $200
   A private spa experience as you and your partner enjoy a spa pedicure, couples 1/2 hour massage in adjoining rooms, and 15-30 min in our 2 person sauna

#3. The Girls Night Out (GNO) - $500+
   GNO takes over the spa. Rent out the spa for an evening with your girlfriends. Prices will vary according to season and number of services. (Please book 6 weeks in advance.)

#4. Choose 2 or 3 of any of our spa basics and we will customize your package. (Priced depending on services)

#5. The “Five” - $305
   This experience is the ultimate package...
Take all of the “Five's” Hands, Feet, Face, Body, and a Bangin' Blowout

   All service prices are subject to change without notice.
   Create your own package at anytime.
   Please wear clothing of some kind in sauna as the infrared plates do get hot. (Use with caution.)
   Shower; one at a time please. Use with Caution.

2106 S Tate Street Suite B
Corinth, Mississippi
(662) 594-5130
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